High Performance Polymer Parts, Alloys, Coating & Membranes | P84 Polyimide


Product Line


P84 Powder- Standard

140/325 mesh STD
200 mesh STD
325 mesh STD
425 mesh STD
1200 mesh STD

P84 STD grades are used for polymer alloys, plasma spray coatings, direct forming and composites. STD grades have no heat history and are fully reactive and sinterable.

P84 Powder- Hot Compression Molding

40 mesh HCM
325 mesh HCM
1200 mesh HCM

P84 HCM grades are used to mold high performance stock shapes. Virgin grades use 40 mesh and our blending grade is 325 mesh. Heat history with HCM grades allow for compression molding without offgassing.

P84 Powder HCM Blends


P84 HCM blends contain various fillers for high performance shapes based on the end use application. Graphite grades are for excellent bearing and wear resistance parts.

P84 Powder Solution Grade

Granulate SG
200 mesh SG

P84 Solution Grade materials are used in wire coatings, adhesives and membranes. SG grades are for solution blending in NMP or other polar solvents.

P84 HT Powder- Hot Compression Molding

40 mesh HT HCM
325 mesh HT HCM
1200 mesh HT HCM

P84 HT HCM is used for high performance stock shapes using our HT polymer. Heat history on the powder enables compression molding without offgassing and cracks in final stock shapes

P84 HT Powder- Vacuum Predried

325 mesh VPD
325/1200 mesh VPD
1200 mesh VPD

P84 HT VPD grades are highly crosslinked which allows its use as a filler in many fluoropolymers. Small mesh sizes enable good properties and uniform color in sintered TFE compounds.

Special drying cycles (Plus grades) available for $/lb upcharge