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P84™ polyimide high performance parts are useful in demanding applications in the aerospace, semi-conductor, automotive, aircraft, plasma-welding and diamond wheel industries. HP Polymer is a resin producer of P84 polyimide resins based on BTDA and PMDA monomers reacted with isocyanates to produce fully imidized polyimide resins without the need for post curing.

These resins offer properties that include:
  • High heat resistance
  • Good wear resistance at elevated temperatures
  • High compressive strength
  • High purity/good plasma erosion
  • Low outgassing
  • Non-meltable
  • Excellent mechanical properties

P84™ resins are produced in various particle size distributions, fillers, and grades based on the intended end-use and process method.

HCM grades are available unreinforced or with fillers such as graphite powder for compression molding or ram-extrusion into stock shapes or direct formed into finished parts.

VPD grades are used as low level fillers in PTFE materials. 5-20% loadings of P84 VPD in PTFE create wear resistant PTFE compounds that extend the performance envelope of standard PTFE materials especially at high pressures, velocities, and temperatures. P84™ Polyimide filled PTFE compounds are especially good running against soft mating surfaces. Standard PTFE free sintering process conditions are used to mold these compounds.

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